Book Signing | Winter by Marissa Meyer


Let me start by saying, that I love the Lunar Chronicles! Marissa Meyer’s writing is phenomenal, her characters astounding, execution spectacular…etc.  Naturally, when I heard that Meyer was having a signing for the last book in the Lunar Chronicles series, I squealed in the middle of school, and received several odd stares…I have no regrets.  This was my first book signing ever, so perhaps I’m being a little too enthusiastic, but I can’t deny that I was on cloud nine the entire evening – I got to meet the genius who created Thorne! Meyer was so sweet!  It was absolutely worth having to wait in the freezing Southern California night for an hour (fifty-five degrees is my definition of “numbing” cold). 

Marissa Meyer spoke about Winter and her experience writing the Lunar Chronicles, and then proceeded in telling the original Grimm Brothers’ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fairy tale, which I, of course, had read before…What? You haven’t read all the real, disturbing and gory fairy tales? *gasp* I’d highly recommend that you do – they don’t all live happily ever after.  Anyway…after her little speech, Meyer answered questions for roughly 15 minutes – I asked her what her favorite Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale was, and she said it was Sleeping Beauty! 


I wanted to ask about her WIP, Heartless – an Alice in Wonderland retelling in the Queen of Heart’s point of view, but alas, she ran out of time before I could ask. *sigh*  Once she was finished answering questions, everyone started to get in line according to their ticket number.  Since I was #79 (which is insanely irritating, because my friend was #50 something and she got her ticket only twenty minutes before me. Injustice!) I had to wait in this prison with 140 other people, as I waited for my number to be called.  It was quite a nice prison though, with pizza, tons of candy, and little cookies shaped like glass slippers and apples (how cute is that!)

Finally, it was my turn to get the book signed…Is it normal for your legs to shake ever so slightly, and your vocal cords to spontaneously stop working when you meet one of your favorite authors? I’m pretty sure my heart stopped beating as well. Once I found my voice, I just said, “Oh my gosh, I love your books sooooooo much.” because I literally couldn’t form a coherent thought.  She was all sweet and replied, “Aww, I’m glad.” as she was signing my book. Then, I took a picture with her, and she said goodnight.

What an amazing night! 

I was practically speechless!



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