Let’s Talk About… E-books V.S. Traditional Books

Week two of my discussion posts, presents a very long debate that is somewhat pointless, because no one ever seems to change their position on this! Haha. Anyway, I have seen a ton of reasons for liking one over the other, and would love to hear your opinion! Let’s talk about e-books v.s. traditional books! 

The Pros of an E-book

  • A thousand books at your fingertips. 

If I am reading an uninteresting book (perhaps a school-required read) I tend to get bored, and feel an urge to do anything but read that particular book. With an e-reader or phone, I have a ton of my favorite novels (such as the Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter Series, Heroes of Olympus..etc.) all downloaded and accessible at any moment of the day!

  • Portability and Practicality. 

Les Miserables? Lord of the Rings? In case you aren’t aware, these two books are insanely long. A 1,000 + pages! After an hour of reading a book like those, my hands start to cramp. At least for me, it’s much more practical to read a hefty book like Lord of the Rings on a e-reader, tablet, or phone. A Kindle weighs about 6 ounces! You can fit it nearly anywhere. Also, you don’t even need to have an e-reader to access all the benefits of e-books. If you have a phone, tablet, or laptop, you can just as easily download any book of your choice onto it.

  • E-books Can Be Cheaper. 

Emphasis on can be cheaper. An e-book is usually a few dollars cheaper than a hardcover, but is nearly the same price as a paperback. However, if you can be patient, almost all e-books go on sale for less than $5 at some point. I managed to get every book in the Lunar Chronicles for $3 each! Not too mention, they don’t require shipping, if you’re an online shopper. 😉

  • Night Reading. 

I do 75% of my reading at night. With a e-reader, phone, or tablet, it’s far more practical to read at night, and it doesn’t strain your eyes like using a flashlight does!

  •  Font Size. 

This has never been an issue for me, but some readers have difficulties reading books with smaller font-sizes. With an e-reader you can adjust the font size, text, and margins to your preference.

  • Looking up Quotes/Passages & Annotating. 

Ah, this may or may not be one of my favorite reasons for owning a Kindle. I for one, love re-reading quotes and passages! I might even spend more time reading previously read books than new ones. XD It’s also a thousand times easier to annotate on an e-reader, because a) you have an infinite amount of space for you notes, and b) you can look up all your notes and highlights with a simple click of a button!

  • Free Classics. 

I know this doesn’t apply to all readers, but classics are completely free as e-books. The rule is that any book over a 100 years old, is public domain. Therefore, every classic is completely free. You can find nearly every classic you can think of at Project Gutenberg

The Cons of An E-reader Or Why Traditional is Better

  • The Sweet Smell of a Book. 

Oh yes, you all know what I’m talking about. Nothing beats the wonderful smell of an old book. It isn’t weird to like that smell…or at least I don’t think it is. Right? XD

  • Reading a Real Book Just Feels Better. 

A lot of people greatly prefer the feeling of the pages on their fingertips. The wonderful sensation of actually flipping the pages and running your fingers along the spine of a brand new book, can’t be duplicated by an e-book. It’s nicer to read in bed and more enjoyable to show a friend. It just feels…right.

  • A Real “Library”. 

Yes, you have an e-book “library”, but it’s not the same as seeing the actual books in the flesh, displayed beautifully across many shelves. An e-book library is simply a list, not a real collection of your treasures.

  • There Isn’t a Battery Life.

Do you recall the last time you plugged your book into the wall? No? Well, that might be since you don’t have to! Nothing is worse than when you’re at an immensely intriguing part in a novel and the dreaded “low battery” warning pops up. :p

  • It’s Much Easier to Easier to Lend People Books. 

You can’t exactly lend an e-book to a friend, without giving them your whole e-reader (which is absolutely out of the question!). I don’t typically buy a lot of books, but when I do, I like to share them with everyone I know (assuming they’re good)! I unfotunately, can’t do that with an e-reader.

  Let’s Wrap It Up

I for one, don’t really care much whether or not I’m reading a paperback or e-book. If anything, I lean slightly more towards e-books, purely because I read almost all my books at night and my small hands have difficulties reading hefty books.  I prefer the feel of a real book, but practicality overrules preference in my opinion. ^.^

Which do you prefer and why? I’d love to know! Also, any suggestions for my next Let’s Talk About…?



39 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… E-books V.S. Traditional Books

  1. I started reading ebooks because it was so much easier to sneak my ipod into class and get away with reading, than an actual book, and the format just stuck with me (the added onuses of the screen brightness, and font adjustments probably helped since I tend to read into the night and my eyes get tired easily). If I buy a physical book at this point it’ll be for class, or because I really liked the book and want a physical copy just to have (which annoys my parents because I leave them back in Greece since they tend to be too heavy to carry around in a stuffed suitcase). I don’t think this debate will ever be resolved unless people stop buying physical books (which I doubt will happen anytime soon).

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    1. Ah, gotcha. The problem with me buying physical copies, is I don’t have a book shelf! I just stack them on my nightstand! lol. I totally agree, this debate will never be resolved. 🙂


  2. I do prefer ebooks too. I can delete them if I hated it and I’ll have more space for better books and I don’t easily feel guilty if I dnf it because it’s cheap… On the other hand, I like to lick the cover of an actual book if it’s really good, my favorite or just has a pretty cover 😛

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    1. Do you ever use Overdrive, Paige? It’s really convenient if you’re hesitant about reading a book, because then you don’t have to waste money on it. And LOL.

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  3. I tend to get ebooks for books with covers that I don’t necessarily like too much. I rather pay less money for a book I know I want to read, but not really digging the cover. I also like to read ebooks for bigger books, because sometimes when I am reading a larger physical book I start to distract myself with worry that I am not getting that far into the book because the pages don’t seem to be going anywhere, lol. With ebooks I can hide the page count and not stress about how much I have or haven’t read. I personally love book ebooks and physical books though.

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  4. The free classics thing is such a good point, not many people every mention it! There are a lot of classics out there that would certainly be entertaining to the modern reader, and ebooks are great because you don’t have to pay a thing for them. Although I’m weird, I prefer physical books for mostly that one reason you mentioned, a real library. They’re just so beautiful…

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  5. I love how thoughtfully you wrote about the pros and cons of each! I love both ebooks and physical books, and I don’t understand why people get so worked up on debating over which is “better”. They are both great ways to read. I love having physical books and going to libraries. But I also own two Kindles and love ebooks for all the reasons you stated––they’re portable, you can access so many free/cheap books (especially classics!) and you can read in the dark! 😀

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  6. 98% of the books I read are on my iPad because I can get them immediately online (no getting in the car/driving/finding it hopefully in B&N). However, if there’s a new release I will buy it in stores. I like having the physical book but honestly they’re too expensive when you read as much as I do.

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      1. Neither did I! I started having manic headaches after switching to evokes while travelling and checked. This is what four ophthalmologists told me. Never read ebooks with sensitive eyes unless unavoidable. I dropped them that day.

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  7. I currently live in a country that doesn’t sell physical books in English so ebooks saved my life literally haha. I spent two years without reading anything besides Fanfiction until I got my iPod touch and could download the kindle app. But I have to say that I really miss going book shopping and finding that one book you’re dying for or that book you’ve never heard of and devouring it in one sitting. I have to say I’m part of both camps but I don’t know what I’ll do once I’m finally in the vicinity of a book store haha

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  8. I actually agree with your points. Another pro, for me, for ebooks is that I read them faster – I don’t know why, but I always get through them so much quicker than a physical book. Not ALL the time, obviously there are physical books that I just devour. With those pros in mind, I enjoy physical more. Just something about being able to hold it. I don’t know. lol

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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    1. I tend to get to through them faster too, for some reason. This could be since I read it at night and time just seems to fly by! Haha.


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