Let’s Talk About… Spine-Breakers

I feel so ashamed! I missed last week’s discussion post, and I’ve hardly blogged these past two weeks! *cries* Luckily, I managed to (somehow) find the time to write this week’s discussion post. Without further ado, let’s talk about spine-breakers! 

Am I A Spine-breaker?

I’m not necessarily referring to readers who actually break the spines of their novels (ah, the horror!), but people in general who don’t mind getting their book a little roughed up. Do I fall into this category? Thankfully, I do not. I love to treat for the precious treasures that they are. ❤ I will never add creases to my spine or bend a page if I can help it!

A Spine-breaker Borrowing A Book.

Even though I’m very careful with all my books, I don’t have an issue with how people treat their own books. Who am I to judge? It’s their books! Some people like to fold the back over the book, which results in a crease or sometimes breaks the spine. There’s nothing wrong with readers’ preferences. Now, my problem is when you let a friend borrow a book, and they bend the pages or add creases to the spine!

That. Is. Wrong. When you “borrow” a book from someone, you’re entitled to return it in the same condition! It’s common curtesy! *sigh* I had one condition…

Let’s Wrap it Up

So, there you have it! I loved my books dearly, and will murder you if you dare bend a single page. *evil eye* Haha.

Are you a spine-breaker? Let me know!



43 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Spine-Breakers

  1. I’m not a spine breaker, highlighter-er, note taker, or page folder, but there is one series that I don’t mind roughing up. I actually like it better if the covers have little marks here and there, it gives them character!

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  2. I am actually… I do not intend to, but I have to admit not being careful enough with my books. If I borrow books though, I’d definitely take care not to worsen the condition of said books, but I usually borrow them from friends who are worse spine-breakers than me. :p
    Anyway, I mostly read e-books to avoid breaking more spines.

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  3. I dont mind when it happens on my own ones, but if someone does it to mine, ‘no mercy !!!’ I dislike it when I take such precious care of someones book and they destroy mine in return!! I once got a book returned with paint all over its back ! I was NOT pleased.

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  4. With the massive mass market paperbacks (*cough* Game of Thrones *cough*) I will admit that I always have to bend the spine in order to read it comfortably. Also, I have some very old books that I have read lots and lots of times, so they are a bit bashed up. But for the most part, I like to keep my books in good condition. I do, however, highlight and annotate my books, as I actually like the way they look when I do that: they look well-loved. My biggest pet peeve is when I lend books out and they come back in a different condition…. only I am allowed to do things to my books. Once, I lent a hardcover book out and they carried it around in their bag and ended up bending the spine, so the front of the book went out further than the back. I had to push the cover back into place and stick it under some heavy books to fix it!

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    1. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never been a fan of highlighting and annotating. Even on my kindle! Lol. Ah geez, that stinks. It’s mainly my sister who wrecks all my books. Haha.

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      1. That’s usually all I do unless I’m reading for school or something, but I’m starting to do it more so that I can review books and discuss them for book clubs.

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  5. I’m usually a spine breaker when it comes to big paperback books (m6 copy of HP #5 is nearly falling appart) but I try not to do it on purpose. It also depends largely on the edition, if I have an expensive one then I’ll definitely take care of it.

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  6. I don’t break spines, but I used to when I was younger. You can tell which of my books I’ve had since I was younger because they all have broken spines, and are basically falling apart, like my Harry Potter books *sobs*

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  7. haha omg that gif with Brian ❤ !! So accurate – I get so nervous when friends borrow my books. My sister thought she bent my copy of Allegiant and was freaking out so bad about telling me, but it was actually my lazy cat who sat on it and bent the cover back. *Sigh*.

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  8. I could never handle anything happening to any of my books. I literally cringe when I see any sort of damage or harm done to books in general, let alone my own copies. I guess this comes from being a huge reader, working in a bookstore and being a teacher. I just can’t stand what people do to their books! Yes, they are their own, but what did the book do to them! Lol maybe I overreact but what can I say…I love books!

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  9. I’ve always tried to keep my books as pristine as possible whereas my friends don’t so borrowing books is always a problem ahah. Once I literally had to show someone how to read a book without bending/breaking the spine and then give them a bookmark as well XD it still came back with bent corners though (safe to say though they haven’t received another book since!)
    Enchanted by YA

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  10. I would never break a spine! I will be honest though, when I read library books that alreay have cracked spines I feel secretly rebellious as I crack them further but I would never do that to new books! I guess I’m not too bothered if I accidentally crease a page in my own books even though I quickly rectify the mistake. But that’s because I’ve mistreated my books and I will forever have to deal with that reminder. What I can’t deal with is when I lend a friend a book and it’s returned with even the slightest imperfection. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite? Ah well : )

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  11. Oh my goodness, I’m almost ashamed to say this now, but I am a spine breaker… Obviously there are certain books that I would never EVER break the spines of: borrowed books or books that actually stay open whilst I read them… but other than that, yeah. *cringe*

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