The Nope Book Tag

Header - FionaHey dolls! Another Monday, another book tag! Today, I decided to do the Nope Book Tag! I was tagged for this one by the amazing Shane from The Blue Green Reader. My hidden pessimistic self is incredibly excited to answer these questions! Please don’t be offended by any of my answers. We all have wonderfully diverse taste in books, so even if I have a negative opinion of certain book aspects, I hope you’ll still keep an open mind!

NOPE Ending | A Book Ending That Made You Go NOPE Either In Denial, Rage, or Simply Because The Ending Was Crappy


The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan. I loved this ending, but it had me screaming and crying in frustration!

NOPE Protagonist |  A Main Character You Dislike & Drives You Crazy


Mare from Glass Sword. I couldn’t stand her!

NOPE Series | A Series That Turned Out to Be One Huge Pile of NOPE

Related image

The Divergent Trilogy. I didn’t mind the first book, but was not a fan of the last two!

NOPE Popular Pairing | A Ship You Don’t Support

Related image

Harry and Ginny who? I’m a die-hard shipper of Harry and Hermione! Haha

NOPE Plot Twist | A Twist You Didn’t Anticipate, Or One You Didn’t Like


The twist at the end of Lifel1ke was so shocking! I was in awe!

NOPE Protagonist’s Decision | A Decision That Made You Shake Your Head

Image result for thomas maze runner fanart

I disagreed with practically every decision Thomas made in The Death Cure.

NOPE Genre | A Genre You Will Never Read

I’ve never had much desire to read Horror novels. I would be open to reading a few classic horrors such as Dracula, but aside from that, I’m too much of a scaredy cat to read anything else!

NOPE Book Format | Book Formatting You Hate & Refuse To Buy

I have to second Shane here, and go with Movie Editions.

NOPE Trope | A Trope That You Hate

Image result for love triangle gif

I’ve written a whole discussion piece before about Why I Loathe Love Triangles.

NOPE Recommendation | A Hyped Book That You Refuse To Read


Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I’m sorry, but I don’t necessarily have any interest in reading this book. Based on what I’ve gathered by friends and readers who have read it, the novel appears to glorify suicide, which I’m not okay with in the slightest. If Hannah Baker uses suicide as a method to vent out her frustrations about her classmates with no repercussions, how can this be a positive thing? This novel is targeted for a YA audience, and shows that suicide is a great way to escape your life’s struggles. I sincerely hope that this novel hasn’t influenced others to head down this path.

NOPE Cliche | A Cliche Or Pet Peeve That Makes You Roll Your Eyes

I loathe it when female protagonists complain about how *unattractive* they are, only to realize later that their love interests think they’re breathtaking. Sure, disregard everything your family and friends must have told you throughout your life. Clearly, your newfound boyfriend is the only person in the world who can recognize true beauty.

NOPE Love Interest | A Character You Don’t Think Should’ve Been A Viable Love Interest

Image result for ginny fanart

I honestly felt that Ginny served no purpose to the Harry Potter books, in general.

NOPE Book | A Book You Don’t Think Should Exist


Matched by Ally Condie. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a single redeeming quality about this book.

NOPE Villain | A Scary Villain You Would Hate To Cross Paths With

Related image

Maeve from the Throne of Glass Series.

NOPE Death | A Character Death That Still Haunts You

The character who dies at the end of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will haunt me for the rest of my days. I can’t read that scene without sobbing like a child!

NOPE Author | An Author You Have Decided to Quit

James Dashner. After reading every Maze Runner book available, and a few of the Mortality Doctrine books, I’ve concluded his novels just aren’t for me.

I Tag

Kay | Orangutan Librarian | Heather | Kiersten | Melanie Noell Bernard | Kathy | Andrea | Sophie | Ally | Kat

That’s all folks! If you haven’t done this tag before and want to do it, I tag you! Do you agree or disagree with any of my choices? Thanks again to Shane for tagging me! What are some unpopular book opinions you have? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!kelly (3).pngInstagram | Twitter | Goodreads | Bloglovin


63 thoughts on “The Nope Book Tag

  1. I have not seen this tag around before and I loved it and all of your answers, Kelly ❤️

    I really liked the first book in the Divergent series, but it just went seriously downhill from there! The movies actually weren’t bad and I quite enjoyed them. I also have to agree about Mare, it is probably the main reason I never continued on with the series.

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    1. I would love to see your answers, if you did this one, Michelle! ❤

      I liked the first book and movie, but after reading the last two books, I didn't have much desire to watch their respective movies. Perhaps I'll check them out one day! 😀

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      1. I only watched the second movie which was really good too! As far as I know they announced the third movie, but it has never materialized so I’m not too sure if it’s still happening – which is a bit sad as I would’ve loved to see the ending!

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  2. Definitely agreed on the Harry x Ginny. I’m not much of a Harry x Hermione shipper, but I don’t feel like Ginny and Harry were particularly suited for each other? Also, movie Ginny was darn horrible;;;
    Thanks for the tag! However, I did this a while back already 💕

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  3. Movie Ginny was the worst, I definitely saw no chemistry between her and Harry there but I have to disagree with Harry/Hermione in general. I’m so tired of the ‘falls in love with the best friend’ trope and the idea of Hermione falling for Harry because he’s the chosen one was way too obvious. Sorry not sorry 😉

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  4. Haha I think I’m someone who has actually come around to Harry x Hermione because of the fandom. When reading the books, I just didn’t really care about the ships (probably because they lacked chemistry!!). Thankfully, we have fanfic!

    I read 13 Reasons Why years ago and couldn’t articulate why I disliked it so much, but now with the horribly graphic show (which I have no desire to watch), and reviews of that, I have a better understanding of what upset me so much about it. I have at least one friend that she says it helped… but I don’t know, I’ve also heard terrible things about young people and their reactions to it. If someone is in a vulnerable mindspace, I would never suggest this book or show for them.

    I might do this tag sometime! Sometimes it is just fun to nopenopenope lol.

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    1. Fanfiction is the greatest! And fanart too, of course! 🙂

      I’ve heard the show has also helped a few people, but I know there are plenty who have had negative experiences from it as well. :/

      You should! I would love to see your answers! It was honestly super fun to do! Hahaha.

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  5. Ooo would you recommend The Red Queen series? I’ve been debating starting it. :O I also hated the Divergent series. It was just a downhill after the first book. Matched was also a hot mess from the beginning. I remember not wanting to cross paths with Maeve after Empire of Storms, but after Tower of Dawn, I absolutely cannottttt

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  6. Lovely answers for this tag, Kelly! 🙂 I have to agree with you about Mare, I just couldn’t stand her in Glass Sword either – probably the reason why I didn’t go on with the rest of the series, haha. I also agree with the Divergent series, that first book was quite good, but Allegiant… no no no no no no nooooooooo haha.

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  7. I love your answers – especially EVERYTHING you said about Ginny! AUGH. I honestly can’t stand her and have never understood why she is so beloved by so many fans. I just can’t see it personally. To each their own, of course! But… sigh. I wanted Harry and Hermione to end up together SO badly. My head-canon is that several years passed, and they realized they couldn’t live without each other, and they left Ron and Ginny respectively and made the happy, brilliant little couple they should’ve been all along lmao. I know it totally disregards the epilogue of the series AND it’s kind of mean to the Weasley siblings, but… DON’T CARE.

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    1. I WANT TO BELIEVE THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED! And J.K. Rowling even stated that she originally intended to have Harry and Hermione end up as a couple! It would’ve been so much better in my opinion! The chemistry between those two felt so much more natural!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. EXACTLY! And in the films, it was executed so well in my opinion. Literally my favorite moment from the entire film version of the series is when they dance in the tent in Deathly Hallows, to the Nick Cave song – it makes me cry EVERY FREAKING TIME. I just think they valued one another so much and could have been so happy together.

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        1. YES! THAT DANCING SCENE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I literally use it all the time when I’m talking about Harry and Hermione. They viewed each other as equals and developed such deep bonds! They truly understood one another! Ah, I really wish they ended up together.

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  8. OMG I agree with you about that death at the end of Order of the Phoenix! It kills me inside every time. And same, I’ve heard Thirteen Reasons Why is very problematic in glorifying revenge suicide, so I’m definitely staying away. Great answers! 🙂

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    1. I was re-watching Prisoner of Azkaban the other day and it made me keep thinking of how depressing the end of OotP is! *cries* I’m glad I’m not the only one who is staying away from 13 Reasons Why for that reason! 🙂

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  9. I do not like the love triangle trope as well, honestly hate it! BUT I recently read a tolerable love triangle, I’m quite okay with it? It’s a book by F.Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is The Night. You can check out my review of it right here;

    I am sorry if you feel uncomfortable for me sharing my blog here, do tell if you rather I have not just did that.

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  10. All your talk on Lifel1k3 has me so excited to read it but I’m waiting for one book especially and then Lifel1k3! Wasn’t big on Harry and Ginny either but I hate, hate, hate Ron and Hermione so I suppose they get a bit of a pass from me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you love Lifel1k3 so much when you read it!!! Definitely a fun read! ❤

      Ah, I loathe Ron and Hermione too. I think Ron should've ended up with Lavender in all honesty. Haha.


  11. Oh yes, Mare drives everybody nuts haha I wanna slap her her face so badly! And the twist in th end of Lifelike was ASDFGHJKLADASDADIFASOA I CAN’T EVEN!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Does Mare improve as the series progresses?? I couldn’t get through the second book, so I’m not sure what her character is like in later books. Haha.

      Ah! That ending had me screaming! It was so unexpected!

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  12. OMG I HATE THAT CROSSED BOOK. Lol I remember buying it in middle school and LOVING the cover but HATING the writing, characters, and plot. AND THAT LOVE TRIANGLE. *absolute rage*

    Omg haha I also dislike Mare from The Red Queen series. It doesn’t help that her name is the same as a female horse…?

    I love this tag, it’s so funny! Gotta expose the heck out of these books lmfao.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The love triangle was so awful in those books. I couldn’t get into it, sadly!

      I found her name as Mare to be pretty strange too. I don’t understand the significance of it! Lol.

      I would love to see your answers if you decide to do this tag! ❤


  13. I kind of liked the Divergent series in the beginning but I will refuse the existence of Allegiant haha and I can’t stand Mare either. I can definitely see where you were coming from with your answers.
    Thanks for the tag! I think I’ve done this before but I will check 🙂

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