The Fall Reading Book Tag

Header - FionaWith the sudden change in weather, it’s finally beginning to feel like fall! I adore autumn weather, and can’t wait to see the leaves change colors, and for the pumpkins to start appearing on everyone’s doorsteps! Plus, it’s socially acceptable to be drinking hot tea now! Of course I drink it year-round, but now I won’t be thrown any odd glances when I order them piping hot! I spotted this lovely tag done at Howling Libraries, and knew I couldn’t pass up a chance to partake in it myself! This tag was originally created by Bionic Bookworm!

Section divider.pngCrisp Fall Air | A Book That Felt Fresh & New


Scythe by Neal Shusterman. I love the intricate world Shusterman crafts in this series, and the chilling atmosphere that follows. Scythe is wholly unique and one of the most intriguing books I’ve read all year!

Section divider.pngHowling Winds | A Book That Blew You Away

Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff

Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff. Since this was my first experience reading Kristoff’s works, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The shocking conclusion to this novel was more than satisfactory, and beautifully executed! I hadn’t noticed it unraveling at all!

Section divider.pngLeaf Fight | A Book With Non-Stop Action


Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa. This ride is thrilling from the start to the finish, with plenty of action to keep my excitable heart appeased! It truly reads as though it were an anime, which made me love it even more.

Section divider.pngComfy Sweaters | A Book That Gave You the Warm & Fuzzy’s


P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. I read this book while on vacation in the summer, and am so glad I chose to read it when I did! It’s an incredibly cute contemporary, that made me feel giddy like a child on Christmas morning. I must’ve been smiling like an idiot for the entirety of the read. A perfect feel-good, fluffy romance!

Section divider.pngBright Colors | A Cover With Either Red, Orange, or Yellow


Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton.

Section divider.pngPumpkin Spice | Your Most Anticipated Read


King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. I need more Nikolai in my life.

Section divider.pngI Tag

Kaleena | Scrill | Kathy | Alana | Deborah | Elise | Orangutan Librarian | Holly | Ashleigh | Inge | Dani | Vicky

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Thanks for reading, dolls! If you want to try this one out, I also tag you! What did you all think of my answers? Do you love fall weather? What’s your favorite thing about fall? Let me know in the comments!kelly (3).pngInstagram | Twitter | Goodreads | Bloglovin


37 thoughts on “The Fall Reading Book Tag

  1. these are all awesome reads! I’m excited to finish Scythe (soon…ish). thanks so much for tagging me! I can’t wait to do it (although it’ll probably happen in a totally different season, lolol)

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  2. GAHHHH! I could not believe the ending the LifeLike! I have been reading Jay Kristoff all year for some reason, but that book I think was the most shocking and consuming of all of his so far. And Shadow of the Fox was super fun! I just love the two of them and that end…. I need the next boo STAT. 😉 Thanks for tagging me Kelly! That is always exciting to see! ❤

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  3. Very nice list darlin’! I’ve been keeping an eye on Scythe but I believe it’s an unfinished series…which i have TOO many of those ha-ha! P.S. I Like You looks super cute!! I’m pretty sure I meant to read it this summer but ran out of time…maybe I will give it a go in November!

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  4. Time for me to add all these books to my TBR!! I’ve heard so many good things about Scythe, so I definitely need to read it soon. I feel like Kasie West could be my new Morgan Matson to fill the much needed fluff in my life too ❤ I didn't know King of Scars was by Leigh Bardugo! I love SoC so much, so I should definitely pick this up too 🙂 Plus, the cover actually reminds me so much of pumpkin spice~

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    1. Scythe is such a one of a kind book! I hope you give it a try soon, Tif! 💗 I still need finish some more books by Morgan Matson, but I love Kasie West too!

      King of Scars is a spinoff duology about one of the characters in the Grishaverse trilogy! So excited for it! 🤗

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  5. Yes, hot tea! I love hot tea and although I’m kind of angry at the weather turning so cold so quickly one of the first thoughts was ‘well, at least drinking tea is now helpful as well as tasty’ lol. Love this tag, may have to try it.

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