Let’s Talk About … The Dreaded Reading Slump And How To Kick Yourself Out Of It!

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Hey loves! The sky is sobbing cold tears, so I’m currently buried beneath a hoard of blankets, but all is well! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this colder weather, and can’t wait to pull out all my cozy sweaters – my sweater obsession is something we may discuss at a later date.  This past month, I’ve severely cut back on both blogging and reading, to focus primarily on school. With finals peeking around the corner, it’s been a tad stressful, but I’m glad to announce that I should be back to blogging consistently in about two weeks! Since I haven’t been as active with blogging and reading lately, I’ve fallen into a slight slump. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this dreadful fate before, but fear no more! Today, I decided to share a few methods that have personally helped me kick myself out of a slump! Hopefully these tactics will prove to be helpful to some of you, as well!

Section divider.pngAssess The Cause Of Your Slump

Before we can remedy the situation, we must first find out why you’ve entered a slump. Did an unappealing novel bore you to death? Was a lengthy novel simply too time consuming, and shattered a bit of your desire to read at the moment? Too much reading?  Before you call me crazy, yes, reading a lot can drag some people into a slump, unfortunately! I find that the most common reason for me to enter a slump, is that my life becomes too hectic, and reading drops to the bottom of my priority list. Once you’ve discovered what the cause is, the first thing I would recommend is to stop forcing yourself to do whatever is causing the slump. If a book you’re reading is starting to feel like a chore, or is truly beginning to feel unpleasant, there’s no harm in tucking it away. DNF’ing a novel isn’t something to be ashamed of, and it certainly can be beneficial for you. Even taking a short break from reading can be a valuable decision.

Section divider.pngYour Mood Can Influence How Enjoyable You Find A Book

It’s not secret that I’m a huge mood reader. I often butcher my TBR like a turkey on Thanksgiving morning, but there are times when I can roughly follow my to-read schedule. With that being said, I can hardly ever force myself to read a book I’m not in the mood for, because I know that it will likely result in me entering a slump. If I don’t particularly wish to read a dark fantasy at the moment, I’ll pick up a fluffy contemporary instead, and vice versa.  If I read a book I’m not too intrigued in – perhaps because of reading pressure or the book was a library loan – I’ll likely bestow a lower rating on it than I would’ve if I read it at a better time. By diving into a book with an already negative mindset, I’ll have a preconceived idea that I won’t enjoy the story.  This isn’t fair to myself or the author, so I typically try to only read books that I’m genuinely keen on reading at the moment.  

Section divider.pngARC’s Can Occasionally Be The Death of Me

I’ve previously talked about the Pros and Cons of ARCs, and one aspect of these that has personally been a bit of a nuisance for me, is how they can drag me into a slump. With ARCs, one makes an agreement to the author and publisher to read and review their novel, so it’s no surprise that it can be a tedious task to finish a book that isn’t your cup of tea. Of course, DNF’ing an ARC is entirely up to the reader, but I personally, feel awfully guilty if I don’t finish them. When this happens, I try to read novels of my own choosing in addition to the ARC.

Section divider.pngSwitch Genres Up!

There are plenty of times when I feel “fantasy-d out” and simply need a mix up with the genres I read to crawl out of this slump. The change of pace, and difference in the feel of the book can greatly affect how much I want to read. It’s only natural that we, readers, crave new experiences and worlds to pour ourselves into. What better way to acquire this than by genre hopping?

Section divider.pngShort Stories And Novellas Are The Way To Go

Large novels and series intimidate me to no end. If I see a book that’s over 500 pages, I run for the hills – unless, it’s a book by an author I loved … yes, I’m looking at you Sarah J. Maas and V.E. Schwab. Regardless of whether or not a tome is the reason I fell into a slump, I find that reading short stories and novellas are a lovely way to rekindle my reading spirit.

Section divider.pngRevisit Old Favorites

Whenever I can’t finish a new book, I bury myself in old favorites. Harry Potter, Lunar Chronicles, Percy Jackson, etc. Revisiting the characters and universes that have a special place in your heart is one of the best ways in my opinion, to destroy your slump. Remember why you love reading, and take a trip down memory lane in your favorite fictional stories!

Section divider.pngEngage With the Reading Community

One of the many beauties of the reading and blogging community, is that you can have recs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I adore reading reviews, and seeing which books the community loves and recommends! I’ve discovered so many of my favorite books this way, and it has helped me kick myself out of a slump more than once!

Section divider.pngSet A Goal! Motivation is Key

Reading goals are exactly what I need to motivate myself. I’m a bit of an overachiever, so if I have a particular goal in mind for anything, I’ll try my hardest to reach it. A little self-encouragement and incentive to acquire a goal is never harmful. I would definitely suggest starting off with modest goals, and building your way up gradually.  

Section dividerThanks for reading, dolls! What are your methods for beating reading slumps? Do any of these tactics work for you? Let me know in the comments!kelly (3).pngInstagram | Twitter | Goodreads | Bloglovin


52 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About … The Dreaded Reading Slump And How To Kick Yourself Out Of It!

  1. Omg I haven’t read in a couple weeks but it was only because other things took priority to it and it probably will remain that way for the rest of the year. I really didn’t know reading too much can cause a slump. For me a boring novel will turn me off for a bit, or not finding an interesting book. Maybe that could be based on my mood though lol

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  2. Such good advice!! Really agree that it’s a good idea to not to force yourself to do whatever’s causing the slump. And I definitely think it helps to listen to my mood when I’m in a slump and read things I find more enjoyable. Switching genres really helps me as well 😀

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    1. Thank you!!! ❤ For me, personally, I know that I'll never be able to get out of slump if I keep doing whatever is causing it. My mood dictates how much I enjoy books all the time! lol.


  3. Such a great post Kelly. I loved reading your advice.❤️👏

    It’s definitely useful knowing the cause as it helps redefining what this non reading period means to us. Such a great point! 👌

    I’m such a moody reader as well and I totally relate to that guilt of DNFing ARCs as well! 🙈

    When I feel like not reading, I do something I don’t normally do that much of instead. Like watching Netflix, writing my own stories, drawing… after awhile I start missing books and come back to them again. 😊 Great post! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you, Vera! ❤️

      I think is so important to understand what’s causing our slumps, so we can find the approach to beat it! And mood reading can be such a trouble at times! Haha.

      I love watching Netflix to help me beat a slump! A lot of times, I’ll rewatch old favorites on there. 😊

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  4. My life has gotten so busy lately and my reading is suffering – I’m in a total slump. Thanks for these tips, they’re really helpful! It’s nice to just be reminded that a reading slump is totally normal and they happen to everyone.

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  5. Switching up genres definitely helps me. Sometimes going for a good graphic novel as well… quick reads with pictures always makes me feel better! Or just watch the series I was interested in or pick up some more movies. It all balances out in the end 🙂 Hope school finishes well for you!

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  6. I really enjoyed this post and bet that a lot of people can find helpful tips in it 😀 For me, right now, I think it’s really just that I don’t have the time/brain capacity to do any sort of reading. I only have 4 stops on the train, which doesn’t even take 10 minutes on my commute to work, my lunch break is always occupied with colleagues and as soon as I get home, I could just drop dead into bed haha Maybe I won’t feel so tired during my little Christmas break!

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  7. Okay, so November has been a difficult reading month for me, so this post is pretty much exactly what I needed. ARE YOU A MINDREADERRRR??? What you said about switching up genres is so accurate because I’m usually YA fantasy trash, but I just finished reading To All the Boys I Loved Before in like..two days. So that definitely helped me a bit with my slump. I also like the idea about reading short books/novellas. Maybe it’s time to finally, FINALLY read Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series (which has been on my TBR for AGES). Anyways, thanks again for a great post! I hope that school has been going well and that you will be able to have a stress-free December! 🙂

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    1. I try to hide my psychic abilities, but they occasionally rise to the surface when it’s most needed! 🙂

      So glad you liked this post, Kat! I usually read nothing but YA fantasy, but this year, started to realize how much I adore contemporary! ❤

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  8. Great post!! I definitely agree with everything you wrote! I think I’ll read a fluffy contemporary or re-read a short book I liked before I continue my read of throne of glass. The series is definitely an emotional roller coaster!

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  9. OMG KELLY ILYSM AND THIS WAS SO HELPFUL!!??? this post is magical && is going to rescue me from my current book slump.

    & I have absolutely no reason to be in a book slump right now because I’m reading such great books???? I’m CR Strange the Dreamer and how dare I feel slumpy w buttercup Lazlo and his small adventurous soul?????

    but for some reason all I want to do is watch reruns of The Golden Girls and eat peanut butter slkdjfdlskjf

    but this post has inspired me as alwayyyyysss ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVE YOU TOO, BOO! ❤ So happy that you liked this post!!!

      Netflix and TV shows ALWAYS distract me from reading and make me feel slumpy! Totally understand the feeling! And peanutbutter is a gift from the gods. I would eat it all day, every day if I could.

      Awwww, thank you, love! ❤

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  10. It took me honestly forever and a day to realize that I was a mood reader. For so long, I was trying to focus on a monthly TBR that I set at the beginning of the month and then getting so frustrated when half of them wouldn’t appeal to me before I finally realized I need to read according to my mood!

    I’m also slowly learning to DNF, but it’s so hard! I feel so bad for the book, like I gave it a home on my shelf but now I’m turning my back on it. Ugh, it’s the worst–but why read something you don’t enjoy, right?

    Thanks for these tips! Definitely going to use some of them in the future.


  11. I’m in a forced reading slump at the moment. I’m currently reading Kingdom of Ash, which I’m absolutely loving, but I’m so busy at the moment, with school, a few competitions, an upcoming concert, and Science Olympiad. Since I’m behind on just about everything, I’ve had to cut time out of reading (and blogging) :(.
    The last four books I’ve read were all over 900 pages, so I think that might be contributing to the reading slump as well (but I blame it mostly on my schedule). I’m planning to read some quick books soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally understand that busy schedules can interfere with our reading and blogging time! Especially towards the end of the semester. And wow! I’ve only read around four books that are over 900 pages in my whole life!

      I hope you’re able to get out of your slump soon! 😉

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  12. I was recently in a reading slump and what helped me out of it was binge watching Bones on Netflix which was actually the reason I was in a slump. I didn’t want to do anything but watch Bones. After I finished all of the seasons I was still slumping so I ended up picking up a book by my favorite author and I’ve been reading ever since.

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  13. Great post!
    I’m currently kinda in a reading slump 😦 but it’s just because I’m so busy with school:( but hopefully during Christmas break and January I can read a lot ☺️


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  14. Love your approach to find the root cause 😀
    Mood is also important, i agree. There are plenty of books i want to read, but just not right now. When i was still in school and had to read stuff, it really made me hate everything.
    Last week after i finished a book i kinda felt like reading, but couldn’t really commit to any other book, so i read some Sabrina comics 😀

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  15. My reading slump has been super bad basically ALL of 2018…It’s been brutal! I actually stopped getting book box subscriptions since I felt that the more books I had on my shelf not completed, the more I felt overwhelmed. I also realized I’m one of those people that can’t read HUGE series. For instance, I want to try and get into the Shadowhunter books, but it’s SO BIG NOW! Heck, I remember when it was just three books! I have to REALLY be in the mood. I also realized I really enjoy realistic fiction now, so I read those. Another thing that causes me reading slumps are books with multiple views. So far, I love Six of Crows…but I just can’t stand more than one POV…I don’t know why…

    So basically, I’m slowly discovering that there are certain types of books and elements in books that cause me reading slumps.

    Great discussion love!

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